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Enigma - Incommutabilis 2008 (2CDs)

01. Sadeness Part 1 [Spanish Radio Edit]02. Mea Culpa Part 2 [Orthodox Mix]03. Principles Of Lust [Video Version]04. The Rivers Of Belief [Radio Edit]05. The Eyes Of Truth [Video Version]06. Carlys Loneliness [Single Version]07. Out From The Deep [Short Radio Edit]08. Light Of Your Smile [Single Version]09. Tnt For The Brain [Club Edit]10. Gravity Of Love [Radio Edit]11. Push The Limits [Radio Edit]12. Turn Around [Radio Edit]13. Voyageur [Radio Edit]14. Boum-boum [Chicane Radio Edit]15. Following The Sun [radio Edit]16. Hello & Welcome [radio Edit]17. 20,000 Miles Over The Sea [radio Edit]18. Goodbye Milky Way [radio Edit]Title Track on CD 201. Eppur Si Muove [Tocadisco Remix]02. Voyageur [club Mix]03. The Eyes Of Truth [the Gotterdammerung Edit Mix]04. Carlys Song [Jam & Spoon Remix]05. Principles Of Lust [The Omen Mix]06. Message From Io [Michael Cretu Mix]07. Hello & Welcome [After The Storm Mix]08. Dreaming Of Andromeda [Jean F. Cochois Remix]09. 20,000 Miles Over The Sea [Bocajunior Edit Mix]
as partes:Parte 1 Parte 2 Parte 3

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